Competitive Squads

Greenhead Gymnastics Competitive Squads 1
Squad gymnasts mainly train downstairs in the main gym

Gymnasts who show suitable talent and aptitude in our badge classes are selected to train in one of our competitive squads.  Squad gymnasts train a minimum of three times per week for between 10 and 20 hours.  These gymnasts compete in National and Regional competitions from 8 years of age.  Gymnasts may also compete at individual voluntary levels as well as team competitions.

Squads are grouped according to age and ability with a majority progressing from our badge classes.  Periodically, pre-squad classes are run to allow potential squad gymnasts more time to improve their strength and flexibility essential in the learning of more difficult skills in the squads.

Greenhead Gymnastics Competitive Squads 2
Strength and flexibilty is an essential part of training

An integral part of squad training involves conditioning, mainly strength and flexibility training which is essential for the learning of all gymnastic skills and is ideal for children progressing not only in gymnastics but most other sports too.  
Squad gymnasts are expected to maintain the standard required in their squad and are tested on skills, strength and flexibility on a regular basis.


Our competitive squads and competitions include vault, bars, beam and floor. 

When training as part of a squad, gymnasts should wear a leotard and shorts and t-shirt for warming up.  Loose fitting clothes and tops with hoods should be avoided for safety reasons.  The gymnasts must remove their shoes before entering the gymnasium and shoes and socks can be left in the changing rooms.  A drink and snack may be brought and kept in the changing room as frequent breaks are taken during training.   All jewellery must be removed and long hair tied back.  

As and when a gymnast is selected to train as part of a squad, the coach will discuss which squad is appropriate and training days and times will be confirmed.  Currently, squad gymnasts pay £3.00 per hour up to a maximum of £35 per week.  We aim to keep fees to a minimum whilst still maintaining the high standards of the club and our outstanding facilities.

All squad gymnasts pay an annual membership.  This payment is made in September and is made up of £20 Club Membership plus a British Gymnastics Membership Fee.  The British Gymnastics Membership Fee varies depending on age and level but will either be £19 for Recreational and Competitive gymnasts or £43 for Talent Pathway Gymnasts.  Greenhead Gymnastics Club is a privately owned and run club and receives no government funding.  The Club Membership fee helps to run and maintain the club.