Competitive Squads

Greenhead Gymnastics Competitive Squads 1
Squads follow one of 3 development pathways, High Performance, National or Regional

Gymnasts are selected for competitive squads from our Recreational classes.  Training a minimum of three times per week for between 10 and 20 hours.  Squads are grouped according to age and ability. Usually compete in National and Regional competitions from 8 years of age,  at individual voluntary levels as well as team competitions, including vault, bars, beam and floor.

We run pre-squad classes (6 hours per week) to develop gymnasts  strength and flexibility essential for learning more difficult skills when they transition to a competitive squad.

Competitive gymnastics training requires a great committment from the Gymnast, thier coach and thier parents. Gymnasts are expected to maintain the standard required in their squad and are tested on skills, strength and flexibility on a regular basis.
The coach will discuss which squad is appropriate and training days and times will be confirmed when a squad place is offered.  Currently, squad gymnasts pay £3.50 per hour up to a maximum of £40 per week.  We aim to keep fees to a minimum whilst still maintaining the high standards of the club and our  facilities.  Competition fees are around £25 per entry.  You will need to budget for at least 2 per year.

All squad gymnasts pay an annual membership in September.  £22 Club Membership plus the British Gymnastics Membership Fee of £43 .
Greenhead Gymnastics Club is a privately owned and run club and receives no government funding.  The Club Membership fee helps to run and maintain the club.