Recreational Classes

Class times and costs
All classes are for Age 5 + unless stated

The starting point on a gymnastic pathway, Recreational Classes are held several times a week. You can enrol for one or more classes.  There may be a waiting list as numbers are limited per class, but we will always try to accommodate gymnasts.   For information about whether we currently have spaces for new gymnasts, please contact us.  01484 420262 or follow our facebook page.


5-15 pm to 6-45 pm   £10.50
7 pm to 8-30 pm    £10.50


 5-15 pm to 6-450pm  £10.50  

7pm to 8-30pm £10.50


9-15 am to 10-45 am     £10.50
11-00 am to 12.30 pm   £10.50


 10 am to 11 am  3.5 years+   £7.00

The first session is charged at the weekly cost shown above, after which we ask you to enrol.  Fees are payable 4 weeks in advance and are non refundable.

There is an annual club membership fee of £20 + British Gymnastics Membership Fee and Insurance.  This payment is made on joining and is renewable in September every year. 
Greenhead Gymnastics Club is a privately owned, privately run club and receives no government funding.  The Club Membership fee helps to run and maintain the club, helping us to keep the gymnasts turning upside down!

What we do in Recreational Classes

Greenhead Gymnastics badge classes train upstairs on our sprung floor
Badge classes train upstairs on our sprung floor
This is where gymnastics begins. There is always an element of fun in our Recreational classes and they provide an introduction to basic gymnastic skills, working towards attaining Bronze, Silver and Gold Star awards

Gymnasts start with the Bronze Star award and work through conditioning, choreography, vault, bars, beam and floor moves,  collecting a star for each move performed to our required standard.  A certificate is available for each of the 6 disciplines and a bronze medal for achieving all the moves and collecting all the stars at that level,  the next award is Silver which has more difficult moves building on the skills from Bronze and then on to the Gold Star award.  When our gymnasts have achieved the Gold Star standard and gained thier Gold medal then they are ready to enter competitions, this can be at a general gymnastics level or a more advanced Women’s Artistic Gymnastics level.

Competitions and gymnastic displays are periodically organised to give the Recreational class gymnasts a taste of what they may experience in our gymnastic squads.

Our Star award scheme is not only ideal for learning  all general gymnastic skills but also useful for children progressing in most other sports too. 

Greenhead Gymnastics badge classes

 Coaching staff

Our lead coaches are all BG qualified and trained in the current UKCC method of delivery which is child-centred. They are supported by young leaders who are or have been gymnasts themselves.

What to wear in class

A leotard or shorts/ leggings and t-shirt.  Avoid loose fitting clothes and tops with hoods for safety reasons.  Shoes off before entering the gym, belongings are put in the designated area.  All jewellery must be removed and long hair tied back.

Food and Drink

Please bring a drink in a suitable container, we do not sell food or drink on site.  We do not encourage the eating of snacks/food during class.

Progressing in the sport

Many children from our Recreational classes continue into our squads.  To prepare them for the transition to training in our squads, pre-squad classes are run.  These pre-squad classes aim to gradually introduce the gymnasts to training and competing at a higher level.

Further information about classes? then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be only to happy too help.